Tyler Balaban

Creative Director + Product Designer

Over a Decade of Experience

passionate about technology • results driven • adaptive to any situation

Communicate the Vision

effectively tell the story by understanding core business objectives and leveraging extensive knowledge in emerging technologies

  • blockchain
  • mobile
  • hardware
  • mixed reality
  • augmented reality
  • virtual reality
  • robotics

What Others Have to Say

incredible greatful to have worked with each and every one of these brilliant minds


Tyler Payne

Senior Creative Director @ Unity

“Tyler is a standout when it comes to the modern creative director. He possesses the rare ability to bridge the gap between creator and manager. He has a true gift for crafting elegant solutions for highly complex problems”


Desmond Lee

General Manager @ Unity

“Tyler is a talented Designer that focuses on the end-user/customer when creating experiences and products. Tyler's friendly and easy-going demeanor allows him to build relationships quickly and facilitate candid conversations to build trust and solve problems. He is open to different approaches to bridge the gap between Design and Development in order to execute on a product vision”


Shawn Adrian

Founder + Designer @ Input Logic

“Tyler is a driven product developer, with a keen problem solving ability. He's passionate about entrepreneurship and gets things done.”


Lu Yu

UX Designer @ Tableau Software

“Tyler is a dedicated and driven UX design professional who is capable of managing many complex projects simultaneously. He is extremely organized and has a wide range of in-depth knowledge on design relevant technology. I would like to recommend Tyler because I can always count on him to provide valuable feedback when I encounter a design challenge”


Peter Komierowski

Partner @ Turtle Inc.

“Tyler was instrumental in laying the foundation of the design process company-wide. I’ve watched him work tirelessly to promote an agile methodology and the benefits of user-centered design. He's an exceptional leader, being able to manage multiple projects with multiple team members, all while giving everyone ownership of their work. On top of all this, Tyler is an accomplished visual designer, well-versed in all the latest tools and trends, with the ability to bust out 30+ high-fidelity screens in less than a week.”

Featured Work

lead user experience & digital product designer

responsible for the latest interface design and visual language of the arlo app suite including mobile, tablet, desktop and apple tv

lead user experience & digital product designer

responsible for the latest interface design and visual language of the Netgear app suite including mobile, tablet, desktop and apple tv


Creative Direction

  • Art Direction
  • Process Development
    • Creative Process
    • Design Systems
  • Team Development
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Mentoring and Leadership
    • Culture & Dynamics
    • Onboarding & Training

User Interface Design (UI)

  • Product Design
    • Responsive Web
    • Mobile Apps
    • Desktop & Apple TV
    • Smart Home & Wearables
    • AR / VR / XR
  • Brand Development
    • Logo Design
    • Brandbook

User Experience Design (UX)

  • Project Management
    • Product Owner
    • Tailored Design Process
  • User Testing
    • Qualitative & Quantitative Data
  • User Intuition Design
  • Core Values
    • User Stories
    • Value Proposition Mapping

Let's Chat!

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